The Float gallery is a new exhibition space, set alongside existing floatation therapy facilities. The name of the gallery is derived from this unique proximity.

The gallery will provide a space for predominantly local artists living and working in the area with an exhibition schedule featuring a different artist each month.

The gallery is run by Mirko Junkovic and Veronica Thornton, both of whom have significant experience as art educators and practitioners.

Mirko studied art education, architecture and furniture design before embarking on a career in visual arts education. As a senior manager, specialising in visual arts at a 6th form college, he has organised numerous exhibitions showcasing students’ work. He has also instigated and overseen many artist-in-residence schemes at the college and was also a trustee of the former arts organisation, Commissions East.

Veronica studied at Goldsmiths College and at the Royal College of Art. She was head of an art department at a 6th form college in South East London and taught art at a 6th form college in Cambridge. Since leaving teaching she has led a range of community art projects and curated and contributed to group exhibitions in Cambridge.